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PS+ Work viewer

PS+ Work Viewer app

The PS+ Work Viewer add-in will give users instant visibility of resource assignments and availability for the chosen resources over the selected timeframe.

The add-in will quickly alert the user to over allocations and availability using the customizable color formatting options which are fully configurable per user and are persistent. By default, resource plan work and proposed bookings are excluded from the data. However, these assignments can be added back in by simply checking the relevant box to aid accurate resource management decisions.

Assignment information is available in the tooltips detailing the availability, remaining availability, project name, task names, the assignment type and the booking type. At the click of a button the user can also see the resource’s line manager (timesheet manager) and the project owner. The add-in features a host of additional innovative features including Lync integration. The user can quickly see the Lync presence and easily communicate to either the resource, the line manager or the project owner using the Lync integration feature.

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