Are PPM tools just for seasoned pros?

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Are PPM tools just for seasoned pros?

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What is the difference between, say, a junior doctor and her senior colleague? Well, pay and conditions, perhaps, for one; experience dealing with the numerous pains and strains of daily work in a hospital is probably another. The senior doctor who was at one time a junior and has overcome many challenges and the realities of the hospital. Through years of practice she has developed a routine that allows for maximum efficiency of her own resources and the ability to cope in what is very often a highly stressful environment. The junior doctor is on the same path but there is no shortcut for time and experience.

The element that joins these two colleagues together stronger than anything, however, is their shared goals. For doctors (junior and senior, alike) that might be: saving as many lives as possible, or creating a hospital culture that adheres to best practices and the highest code of ethics in everything it does.

No matter your field or industry – whether you are an expert or a novice – your end goals are usually on par with colleagues. Take your project portfolio team: from the most experienced project manager to the newest team member, their level of experience and expertise likely covers the entire spectrum. Nonetheless, their overall end goals are pretty similar: they want to deliver projects on time, to budget and please customers. Of course, it’s not only your PMO that deals with projects in your organisation. Projects make up a huge portion of business processes, but often when employees (who are not project managers) have to deal with big projects they can find the PPM technology cumbersome to use and intimidating, which can cause bigger problems down the line.

Our post today will focus on PS+, CPS’s award winning best project management software solution; voted number one worldwide by Microsoft. We look at why it’s the best option for keeping both your Project Management Office happy as well as the employees across your organisation who have to deal with projects on a regular basis. PS+ enables them to work to the best of their abilities, regardless of their level of experience.

Knowing what your team wants

Within every project delivery function, you’ll have different individuals with different needs which all affect what they expect from their PPM tools.

  • Your PMO needs a comprehensive Portfolio, Project and Resource management solution that standardises and centralises all information in one place so that quality can be ensured and accurate reporting delivered.
  • Your experienced full-time project manager wants a single solution that incorporates templates, logs, and planning tools that they need to manage and report their projects, all in one place.
  • Your ad hoc project manager, who also has other commitments across your company, can’t afford to spend a lot of time trying to learn tools and create the perfect project model to use on each specific project. They need something simple and straightforward that can guide him to the most essential aspects of the project management process, to be able to store and share their project information in one place, and to do all this really quickly.
  • Your project team member needs a tool where he or she can see their project tasks, can get access to the project records for each assignment they are working on and a straightforward process for entering timesheet information as quickly as possible, so they can focus on what they are best at.

No matter what your team’s level of experience, they are all looking for specific and sometimes quite distinct things in their PPM solution. So how can you provide a PPM tool that all of these people can use and get their best work done with? With so many different options out there, what is the best project management software?

The best project management sofware: PS+ makes these accessible to all

PS+ from CPS is the best project management software solution that anyone and everyone can use. Ready to go at the click of a button, it means you can be up and running in a matter of days whether you are on-premises or in the cloud. All your project management tools and templates are in one place, which makes it simple to manage all aspects of your entire portfolio.

Easy to learn; easy to master

PS+ provides an easy to use and yet fully comprehensive, best-practice solution that is ideal for both novice project team members and long established PPM pros alike.

Ready to go at the click of a button

From day one, take advantage of preconfigured views, reports and access control and templates, alongside an ever-expanding range of award winning apps designed by top PPM experts. Don’t wait for weeks to set up your PPM solution, get started in a matter of hours.

All in  one place – from anywhere

Store all your PPM data in a central hub and access simply from multiple platforms or devices.

Thinking about PS+ as ‘PPM in a box’

The objective for most of us, in any field, is to be able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. PS+ was designed to be used by PPM experts and non-experts alike, with easy and accessible functions, so no matter what part of your business requires project management, everyone on your team can do their best work. PS+ is delivered online through the Project Online/Office 365 platform and providing a flexible solution, available for use on any device at anytime, anywhere. This means that you can expect a powerful project and portfolio management solution that has been tailored specifically for working in the cloud. Now that’s a big plus.

To explore how PS+ can offer your business a bespoke PPM service, start your free trial today.

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About the Author:

Ivan Lloyd
PS+ Product Lead, CPS

Ivan Lloyd

Ivan Lloyd is one of the world’s leading experts in Project and Portfolio Management solutions. With a wealth of experience accrued over 25 years of implementing innovative and pragmatic solutions to business problems, Ivan has developed a reputation for excellence in PPM on a global scale. This reputation has seen him become a much-sought after speaker at numerous major PPM conferences in the UK, Europe and North America including PMI, Project, APM, IMPA and Project Challenge. He has worked with hundreds of blue-chip customers across all industries from IT to telecoms, engineering to pharmaceutical, and aerospace to government, using a wide range of tools from Artemis to Microsoft Project. In addition, he has led some of the largest global implementations of PPM solutions with literally thousands of users. And, when he’s not delivering PPM solutions, he remains an influential figure whether as a judge for the Association of Project Management awards, a Microsoft appointed advisor on PPM or authoring articles for Project Management magazines, blogs and journals.