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The English Institute of Sport

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) prides itself in improving and supporting British sporting performance through science, medicine and technology. Known as the ‘team behind the team’ EIS takes on the responsibility of enhancing and managing the performance of top athletes. The performance level needed for the world’s top events, has for a long time become it’s number one goal to reach, but in order to achieve such high expectations it’s project environment needed the efficiency and transparency to deliver projects with 100% success.

EIS found itself trying to support an extensive portfolio of projects but without the tools necessary to drive success or knowledge for improvement. 

PS+ became EIS’ number one solution of choice, transforming an intimidating adoption stage into an effortless process with its unique ability to get up-and-running within hours. As EIS puts it, “[Top level competitions] will happen in 2016 whether we’re ready or not. If you’re not ready then you have to wait another four years, and some of our athletes won’t have another opportunity.”