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The University of Leeds

The University of Leeds, one of the UK’s leading academic institutions, decided after consistent turbulence with its project management, that the different faculties should be centralised with standard processes and tools. Its previous independent approach had made it difficult for the University to visualise, report and analyse projects across the board. A solution that could employ consistency needed to be introduced, but it also needed a quick, easily adoptable tool, which could overcome the challenge of rolling out such a big change across multiple faculties.

PS+ was chosen by the University of Leeds because of its design: a simplified user-friendly interface to ease adoption, along with processes and reports based on familiar Microsoft technologies. PS+ suited the University’s requirements because of its ability to encourage users to get involved and stay engaged; a ‘plug and play’ preconfigured solution, providing control of all its project documentation in an instant. The University of Leeds needed a project solution that would feel effortless to implement into its day to day work, otherwise the sustainable change it needed to increase efficiency and success would become unattainable.