PS+ integrates workflows transparently out of the box

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PS+ integrates workflows transparently out of the box

PSPlus Workflows out of the box

Mention “workflow” to most people who use Microsoft Project Online  and chances are they know little about it. Most Project Online documentation narrowly considers automated workflow as the decision-making process used for demand management and many Project Online users are just not at that point of mature adoption. But workflow is more widespread than demand management, consisting of every process step followed when performing the project work as well as when managing it. Project Online supports most people in most situations doing their project work, while PS+ integrates workflow in Project Online where integrated workflow is not part of the out-of-the-box experience from Microsoft.

Quality experts tell us that integrated process flows performed consistently, produce quality products and services. Microsoft Project Online provides the infrastructure to automate many project, program, and portfolio management processes, such as approving the selection of a new project, so the same process can be followed by different people in the same way automatically. These sweeping process views have been the main focus of “workflow” for users and administrators of Project Online. Thus the solution provides the ways and means for quality results with project management – and it does it very well.

Where Microsoft Project Online could use a little help is with the little details that seem obvious once they’re pointed out. One ridiculously simple example is transferring data from a risk that has become an issue – virtually every data field between the risk and the issue is identical except probability (because an issue doesn’t need it). Use the PS+ Risk to Issue Escalator and copy all that data with one click of a button! Another quick example is jumping from the PWA Home page to a project site – again possible with one click using PS+.

PS+ complements what Microsoft has already done, with the understanding of what needs to be done next, all in an easy to use manner. The list of examples of PS+ functionality that does this goes on and on (e.g PS+ Navigator, PS+ Risk to Issue Escalator, PS+ Risk Matrix, Project Financials, PS+ Agile PPM, and so on)…

Give PS+ a trial today and see for yourself how much the solution not only simplifies the way you use Microsoft Project Online, but also amplifies the productivity you get from being able to use it better!

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About the Author:

Eoin JP Callan, MBA, PMP, MCTS

Managing Partner, Training Products Division, Innovative-e

Eoin_head shotEoin (pronounced “o-in”) holds 25+ years project management and leadership experience in multiple roles (ranging from team member/employee to PMO director/Principal) for technology businesses, pharmaceutics firms, contact centers, schools, insurance companies, and several other industry verticals.  His deep hands-on experience also includes sharing knowledge as an Instructional Designer and trainer of thousands.  As a Managing Partner with Innovative-e, Eoin helps people use the full power of Microsoft Project Online to get business value from project management more easily.  His first-hand knowledge of solutions to universally-common business problems across the globe brings a practical and pragmatic eye to any business situation.

Eoin will be presenting a webinar on using Power BI and Project Online Workflow together with MPUG later this month. Register here to attend.