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Why PS+

PS+ is changing the way organisations manage their projects and resources, providing them with the technology and management to drive success.

Our passion lies in helping our customers to succeed. We want them to deliver the best projects, to make the optimum use of their resources and to provide real benefit to their customers, with ease every time. PS+ was created to do exactly this.

PS+ combined with the power of Microsoft Project Online builds a ready-to-use, user-friendly, fully functional end-to-end PPM solution. We are so confident in our creation, development and success of PS+, that we want you to experience it for free! Even when you buy PS+, we will offer you a money back guarantee on your subscription. What have you got to lose? And more importantly what have you got to gain?


Microsoft PPM & PS+ Comparison

Download our PS+ comparison brochure, and gain insight into its capabilities, toolsets and add-in development. Understand how PS+ adds value to your Microsoft PPM investment today.

Simply download our comparison document to see the added value of PS+ or watch a PS+ demo.


Instead of relying on disparate systems, dated information and manual processes, you can:

Gain Insight

Understand your portfolio peformance

Take Control

Ensure money and resource is spent on the right things

Lend Clarity

Provide the information to make the right decisions


Get information at your fingertips


Use your resource across your portfolio


Enable your people and teams to work and collaborate effectively